Our Challenge Du Jour:           Yours?

  • Our roots go deep when it comes to creating effective incentive, recognition and promotion programs.  Whether you’re looking for immediate results or for an ongoing positive outcome (or both), chances are, you’ll find we’re on the same page with you very quickly. 


  • We have developed programs for many many industries and, in the case of non-profits, many causes.  The number of participants may be less than 100, in the hundreds or in the thousands.  The goal may range from a new product launch to helping employees feel ownership in the business.


  • The awards we utilize to accomplish the goal at hand are as varied as the assignments themselves.  Only after we’ve immersed ourselves in the challenge of the day – the challenge facing you today – do we pretend to have the answer that’s best for you. In short, we take the time to think things through before acting.

    We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you by phone or face-to-face to see if it makes sense to continue the dialogue, as we focus on your specific needs.